Raimondi & Campbell Associates is a medium-sized company with offices in London and Milan. Born as a literary agency in London, it later developed into a licensing agency once a close interrelation between the editorial aspect of some product and its licensing potential began to emerge.

The founding idea is to take over properties with strong editorial features and develop them both in the editorial market and in all other merchandising categories.

The strength of the company resides in the multiple experiences of its founders, which allowed building up a very specific and content-oriented portfolio.

Guido Crepax’s estate is the most important Italian property R&C is currently representing. With a long history in many different merchandising categories, "Valentina by Guido Crepax" is a well-established property, perfect example of a brand that has grown from an editorial basis, was converted into a movie and later became a proper brand used to enhance the value and glamour of many different products.

Currently the company represents a UK property, "My Cat Pip", aimed at pre- schooler; a Mexican property, "Fulanitos" - also aimed at children in a wider age-group - that exudes a great charm on pre-teens as well; and a Japanese property, "Sugar&Baby", an original brand mainly developed in apparel directed at teenagers.

The founders

Lino Apone has run the commercial department of Feltrinelli Editore for more than 15 years, significantly contributing  to the growth of the sales forces impact on the market.

Marco Bergamaschi has been CEO of Gut Edizioni Smemoranda first and later of LeFel, a branch of LaFeltrinelli and number one book retailer in Italy.

Valeria Raimondi has been commissioning editor of the children list in Feltrinelli since its start-up, and later has worked as publisher for De Agostini, a major multinational company.

Joining their professional skills, the three founders have conceived the idea of a genuine dynamic incubator of young properties that they might contribute to develop and establish in books, TV-movie, animation, and consequently in all different kinds of market.